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Customs process

Since 31 January 2001 Van der Luyt only uses electronic processes such as The Sagitta Export (DSU) and Export Control System (ECS) for meeting customs formalities.

The customs process, which includes declaring your goods, the export declaration and the related resultant export accompanying document (UGD), is inspected and monitored electronically by DSU and ECS with regard to correctness and completeness from the start to the very end. However, the customs can and is always allowed to carry out a physical inspection.

Your goods are basically monitored by the customs in the following way. The customs office of export sends an electronic document to the customs office of exit, which will, in its turn, send an electronic message to the customs office of export after your goods have left the customs area of the European Union. Finally, the office of export will send a message to us, as your authorised customs forwarder, that your goods will be forwarded.

With this last message we have complied with all our obligations that follow from making an export declaration. This includes, for example, the restitution of goods and the VAT-0-rate.

For more information please consult the customs site: www.douane.nl.