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The following scheme is based on average dimensions. An indication of the required space will be calculated at once when you place the quantity behind the product.

Total: m3

Living room   Bedroom
3-person sofa   2- person sofa   2-pers bed   1-pers bed
Easy chair   Wall unit   Mattress   Bedside table
Sideboard   TV   Casing   Linen-cupboard 2-door
Salon table   Side table   Linen-cupboard 3-door   Chair
Writing desk   Cupboard   TV   Stereo
Desk   Armchair   Dressing table   Desk
Various small items of furniture   Plants   Large toys   Chest of drawers
Paintings   Dining-table   Boxes   Baby bath
Chair   Carpet   Baby chair   Bedstead
Boxes         Wardrobe   Cradle
Bathroom/ Washhouse   Boxes      
Washing machine   Drier   Kitchen
Study room   Cooker   Washing machine
Desk   Chair   Fridge   Freezer
Bookcase   Computer   Buffet   Cupboard
Boxes         Microwave / oven      
Shed   Loft
Large bike   Small bike   Cupboard   Bed
Bench   Tools   Christmas items   Camping items
Garden equipment   Ladder   Dozen      
Boxes   Garden table   Various
Wheelbarrow   Flower box   Various 0.5m3   Various 1.0m3
Wood         Various 1.5m3   Various 2.0m3
            Various 2.5m3