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The parcel delivery service Leiden-Oegstgeest spread its wings. Around 1913 Van der Luyt started to focus on the transport of bulbs and removals. The company continued to develop. In 1921 Mr Van der Luyt exchanged his horses for the first T-Ford truck and the first transport to another country took place in 1927. However, international transport really started to develop after the Second World War.

Conditioned transport

In the 1950s Van der Luyt started with transporting fresh flowers. In 1953, the year of the flood disaster, Switzerland sent aid to the Netherlands. In return the Netherlands sent tulips to Switzerland with the help of Van der Luyt. From that time the transport company has not only been active with transports to Switzerland, but it also regularly transported conditioned cargo to the Czech Republic, France and Germany, for example, because it had temperature-controlled trucks.


During these years business improved all the time. In the 1960s Van der Luyt emphasised its growth by taking over two forwarding businesses from Naaldwijk and Lisse. Van der Luyt also started its own BOVAG garage in Leiden (BOVAG: Association of motor car, garage and allied trades). The home basis is in Oegstgeest and remains the principal establishment. In 1976 it was decided to focus on concentration and therefore combine all activities in the Dorpsstraat in Oegstgeest. In 1990 the company moved to new business premises at the Haarlemmerstraatweg in Oegstgeest.

Van der Luyt Transport has developed from a small-scale parcel delivery service, between Leiden and Oegstgeest, into a dynamic, professional and international company in the course of the years. These developments have focused on professionalization and customer orientation between 1907 and the present day. The company already has built up an expertise of 100 years in the transport of the most diverse goods.

Illustrated history